How to Lower Cholesterol for Children?

According to autopsy studies, many signs of atherosclerosis, including scarring, are now found in the arterial walls of America’s babies. By the age of 10, half the children in this country have coronary arterial lesions, and close to 100% of them have mild atherosclerosis by age 15. 

How this can be? 

The diet consumed during pregnancy is very important to the health of an unborn child. If you are breastfeeding, too, it is important to remember that breast milk has a high fat and hormone content and can partially reflect your diet. The truth is brutal, but it is even more compelling 
to face this problem today, before it is too late for them. 

We may assume that cholesterol victims are children who have been neglected, but in most cases, they’re not neglected at all. Today’s children with high cholesterol are tomorrow’s cardiovascular disease patients. Sick children are creating a new business for the Health Industry for years to come.  
But Why? 

 The food industry created this problem and there is no way out. It’s far too easy for the industry to market junk food to children. Often high Cholesterol is ignored because there are no visible symptoms. American children are overweight, and often their Cholesterol is high.  

The Good News 

 There is really safe and easy way to help your child without the devastating side effects that medications can have. Children must be checked for High Cholesterol annually, regardless of age… And the Lab Blood Test is the most dependable, able to show possible Risk Factor for heart disease.