Medical Alert Pendants Making a Comeback During Covid-19

Many of us simply cannot get to our parents or grandparents because it’s not safe for them. While we feel deeply for their solitude and loneliness, we are all starting to worry just a little more because we can’t truly check in on them the way we used to with live visits. Zoom and FaceTime doesn’t cut it either when they tend to sit in one place. Now we just want a little insurance against a fall or a heart attack or some other medical emergency where they cannot get to a phone.

Turns out that many others are thinking the same way and looking for options to help keep the seniors in their lives safe when you can’t look in on them as regularly as before.

Medical alert devices are on the rise in general, as the amount of senior adults continues to grow. Within a pandemic? Interest has gone even higher. Trickier still, many medical alert systems are for the home and aren’t always on the body. Today, there are necklaces, pendants, watches, bracelets. Others are soon to follows once someone comes up with the idea.

Techradar recently published a piece on their picks for the best systems of 2020. Better still it was published in September, so they were looking through the lens of Covid-19 and understanding the world we live in better than similar articles that were published in, say, March of 2020.

PCMag updated their 2020 picks in September, for the reasons I mentioned above.

For our money, we needed something quick and cheap. We have many things to consider and with our belts already tightened, and wanting to move fast for our parents, and were able to get them a medical alert pendant without much hassle or cost.

There are tons of options out there and we compared a lot of them, but the Alert1 option was what we went with mainly because we could see their prices up front and there is no long term contract. My parents aren’t so old that I would worry about them if I could see them regularly, but obviously some day this will be more of a need. For today, this is just a bridge to get us across this virus.

I feel much better now knowing that my mom is wearing her medical pendant. She has tested it a few times with me and the Alert1 team, and we are all more comfortable now. Next stop is getting life back to normal.